Accomplished Trust & Safety professional with over a decade of varied international experience spanning tech companies and the public sector. As the Founder of SOFTII Consulting and a former Psychological Operations officer, I leverage my deep understanding of influence operations and extremist spaces to detect and mitigate digital threats. My role at Meta/Facebook honed my ability to tackle complex challenges across areas like child safety, fraud, hate speech, and disinformation. I collaborate cross-functionally, operating with integrity to build inclusive solutions that balance user trust and security. Proven excellence in designing and leading complex operations, fostering data-driven safety strategies, and guiding cross-functional teams. Committed to a people-centric leadership model, I prioritize collaboration and inclusivity, ensuring that user trust and operational security are at the forefront in an ever-evolving digital landscape.


Complex Problem Solving

Proven ability to analyze, interpret, and use data to drive decisions, manage projects, and streamline operations.

Strategic Vision

Adept at setting strategies aligned with business objectives and executing them across global teams.

Leadership & People Development

Track record of leading, managing, and developing teams across diverse roles, responsibilities, and skill sets. Skilled in mentoring, fostering an inclusive culture, and inspiring teams to exceed their goals.

Communication & Collaboration 

Exceptional skills in driving alignment, collaboration, and communication with wider functional stakeholder groups across various industries and cultures.


Demonstrated success in managing performance under conditions of ambiguity and constant change.

Program Manager

Leveraging over a decade of experience in high-stakes environments, I excel at orchestrating large-scale projects, leading cross-functional teams, and driving strategic initiatives to successful outcomes, all while fostering an inclusive work environment.


JT4 (2023-Present)

Senior Technical Staff, Aug 23 Present

As a Senior Technical Staff member I liaise with the national intelligence community on developments in science, technology, engineering, and weapons systems. Directly interfaced with intelligence community members and senior leaders to provide technical consultation from initial inquiry through final design and testing. Maintained extensive libraries of technical data and documentation. Led specialized teams in employing analytical thinking and social science principles to provide intelligence analysis and develop technical specifications, drawings, and schematics. Coordinated across agencies and guided technical committees. Applied influence skills to align technological development with broader strategic objectives. Performed additional duties as assigned.

SOFTII Consulting LLC (2023-Present)

Founder, Lead Consultant, May 23 Present

As the Founder and Lead Consultant of SOFTII Consulting, I established a consulting firm specializing in Trust & Safety Advisory, Red Team Operations, Fraud Prevention & Mitigation, and Child Safety Safeguards. Leveraging my extensive experience from Meta/Facebook and the US Air Force, I have been pivotal in assisting multiple international companies in fortifying their digital and operational landscapes.


Meta (Facebook/IG/Oculus/Horizon) (2021-2023)

Senior Safety Investigator, Global Risk Operations, May 21 May 23

 As a Global Risk Operations Senior Investigator, I comprehensively address an array of threats including misinformation, influence operations, child safety issues, fraud, and mental health concerns across multiple platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Oculus, WhatsApp, and Horizon Worlds. By leveraging my deep understanding of these threats, I collaborate with cross-functional teams to devise and implement data-driven policy recommendations and innovative product solutions, driving the minimization of risks and shaping the future direction of the company. 


United States Air Force (2013-2021)

Captain, Flight Commander, Cybersecurity Threat Intelligence Red Team Lead, Nov 19 – May 21

As the Cybersecurity Threat Intelligence Red Team Lead, I led an intelligence team focused on identifying, replicating, and teaching adversary tactics, techniques, and procedures related to cyber threats and information operations against the United States. My responsibilities included identifying potential cybersecurity vulnerabilities, creating strategic messages to influence target audiences' behavior and objective reasoning, and leading the cybersecurity intelligence program for the Information Aggressor Squadron.


Operations Center Director, Kuwait Aug 2020 – Nov 2020

As the Operations Center Director my job was to lead a 30-member team to conduct 24/7 mobility and combat operations out of Ali Al Salem Air Base. Additionally, as the Information Operation subject matter expert, I was tasked to identify potential vulnerabilities as it relates to operations security.


Captain, Deputy Director of Information Operations, Aug 16 – Nov 19

As Deputy Director of Information Operations, I conveyed selected information to specific target audiences to influence their emotions, motives, objective reasoning, and ultimately the behavior of individuals, organizations, and groups. I created communication strategies employing various organizations throughout the DoD to achieve the desired objective. Additionally, I analyzed the information environment using social media analytic tools to identify populace sentiment and potential outreach opportunities to influence the desired target audience. 


Lieutenant, Senior Integration and Partnerships Manager, Qatar, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Iraq, Jordan Oct 2015 – Apr 2016

As the Senior Integration and Partnerships Manager I facilitated communication and coordination between the Air Force and joint, interagency, or multinational partners, ensuring seamless integration of resources and capabilities. My responsibilities included serving as the primary point of contact for information exchange, advising on Air Force-specific policies and procedures, and fostering collaboration to achieve mission objectives. I successfully navigated complex operational environments, enabling effective decision-making and the execution of strategic plans.


Lieutenant, Senior Program Manager and User Research Scientist, Sep 13 – Sep 16

As a Senior Program Manager and User Research Scientist, I evaluated special operations fighters to identify capability gaps, discover potential commercially-off-the-shelf solutions, and/or assist in creating new solutions not yet commercially available. Additionally, I promoted our $33 Million program by creating communication strategies aimed at increasing our yearly budget. While deployed with the Special Operations Command, I was tasked with identifying capability gaps throughout the organization, finding creative solutions to increase productivity, synergizing between DoD organizations, and mitigating risk to Air Force assets.